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Creating user-related added value.

Whether a digital banking ecosystem, roboadvisor or financial app. In order to create user-related added value, your services require data. We deliver and process these account transactions and security account transactions. For almost all accounts, deposits and credit cards.

And that to more than 1.3 million accounts and securities accounts.

Who can benefit
from BANKSapi

An interface to redesign financial services.


Many banks regard capturing the customer interface as a top priority. The provision of account data to third parties, driven by the PSD2, risks losing the face to the customer. BANKSapi offers banks the opportunity to create added value for their customers through multibank aggregation, to leverage cross-selling potential and thus actively profit from the PSD2 upheavals.


Only those who have the contact points with the customer are given the opportunity to improve the financial situation of the customer and thus increase sales potential. Insurance companies can use the opportunities offered by PSD2 to give customers a holistic 360° view of their financial situation after the integration of BANKSapi and to sharpen their positioning as an all-round financial services provider.


Absolute customer focus with a high level of user experience. Fintechs redefine financial services. BANKSapi provides the data to reinvent banking, enable innovative touchpoints between new market participants and end customers or offer payment services more cost-effectively.


Comprehensible investment proposals based on rule-based models for new and existing customers. Transaction and performance data are required to demonstrate the benefits to existing custody account holders and to meet regulatory requirements. BANKSapi provides this data so that the Roboadvisor can focus on user experience and asset management expertise.

Tailor-made for your services

The products for plug-and-play banking.


Approximately all accounts, credit cards and custody accounts – after connecting to the API, your end customers can access their financial life and make transfers within your product.

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Private wealth management securities account reporting – the API for highly professional reporting and transaction data for use in advisory and roboadvisor services

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Automatic creation of the insurance folder – the API for the representation of all insurances on the basis of Smart Analytics of the account turnovers

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Data protection made in Germany

powered by noris network to protect your customer data.

The protection of personal data is the highest priority at BANKSapi. State-of-the-art security measures ensure the privacy of your customers. Hosting takes place in noris network AG's high-security data centres at Tier 4 level. Double supply paths ensure complete redundancy and maximum stability. If desired, the technology can also be operated in the customer's data centers.

noris network
made in germany

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