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This is the BANKSapi REG/Protect.

Do you have a BaFin license as AISP/PISP?
If not, you need us.

With the help of BANKSapi REG/Protect you can offer your customers added value on the basis of account data and payments - without your own license or registration with BaFin. BANKSapi takes care of regulatory compliance for you.

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Transmission of financial data

The end user opens a new BANKSapi website from your application, selects his bank and logs in there. The end user can see that he is in the regulated sphere of a payment service provider. BANKSapi takes over the further process, transmits the required financial data and guides the user back to your offer. The BANKSapi REG/Protect can also be used for payments from your application.

The benefit.

With just a few lines of code, you can integrate our frontend module into your app or digital service and adapt it to your preferences.

On average, it takes 12 seconds for the end user to open the REG/Protect frontend module, select his bank and transfer the relevant financial data.

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In addition to regulated clients, non-regulated clients can use BANKSapi REG/Protect to extend their service range to include use cases based on the use of an account information service (AIS) and a payment initiation service (PIS) - without own PIS license and AIS registration*.

*Since 2018, BaFin obliges service provider to register if payment account data is accessed or apply for a license if payments are triggered via online banking.


The BANKSapi "REG/Protect-as-a-Service" allows end users to download their account balances and movements from banks and trigger payments from the BANKSapi front end of the BANKSapi.

The account information is stored in the BANKSapi software and made available to the end user via an API using an application from a service provider. The licensee does not receive end user data at any time which enables him to access sensitive payment data. The sensitive payment data is transferred directly by the end user to the BANKSapi systems, processed by BANKSapi and stored by BANKSapi. It is not possible to read the sensitive payment data from BANKSapi.