Embedded Finance

Streamline processes and develop innovations with open banking.

Whether digital banking or insurance ecosystems, accounting applications or payment solutions. To create user-related added value, your services require data. We deliver, process and refine these account transactions. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to trigger payments thanks to our API.

Industries that can benefit from BANKSapi

The interface between customer and account.

ERP & Accounting

Automate and improve your accounting solutions by using our API. Use our Open Banking platform and optimise your processes, whether in payment and receivables management or in user liquidity planning.

FinTech- & Banking Solutions

Use our API to reinvent banking, create innovative touchpoints between new market participants and end customers or offer payment services more cost-effectively. We offer you the opportunity to develop innovations for your customer through multibanking aggregation. Leverage cross-selling potential thanks to account analytics.

Financial Advisory

Holistic financial planning requires holistic transparency across all finances. In addition, clients increasingly demand an overview of their financial life. With the help of BANKSapi, you can offer your customers and advisors transparency in real time. Our data science solutions improve clients' finances and identify sales leads in real time.


As an insurer, you can use the opportunities offered by our Open Banking platform to give your customers a holistic 360┬░ view of their financial lifes. Increase everyday relevance by integrating banking offerings. In addition, understand the financial situation of your customers in real time and leverage sales leads based on the account data.

Lending & Credit

Offer your customers the possibility to prove their current creditworthiness via account view. Use our account analysis to check liquidity and shorten credit application processes. Shorten and digitize the creditworthiness process for your clients and close the contract faster.

Payment & eCommerce

Your clients demand convenient payment methods and you aim for cost-effective ones. We offer you the most common payment method for your online shop. The BANKSapi online bank transfer works like a classic transfer. Your customer is redirected to BANKSapi, logs in with their access data and confirms the payment with a second authentication factor. You receive a confirmation of the initiation of the payment immediately.

Wealth Management Solutions

Offer your clients a holistic overview of all finances as well as continuing obligations. We provide you with the information you need to offer your users a holistic asset and budget balance sheet and to monitor custody risks.

Identity & AML

Use our Open Banking platform for automated identity verification and prevention of money laundering. The digital KYC check to identify your customers or business partners. Our Open Banking and AI platform enables a Know-Your-Customer process in real time.

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