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Maybe already someone can read out account data.
Our data science solutions complemented by a flexible business rule engine create added value for customers and companies.

From the analysis to the sales trigger

We translate account information for financial service providers into qualified real-time leads. Use our B2B solution and become an innovation leader.


Credit assessment using digital bank information in real time.


Real time knowledge of life events and life phases of the client and provision of targeted advice.


Personal finance Management using multibanking aggregation, cash flow analysis and forecasting plus savings rate.


Digital recognition of continuing obligations and insurance contracts up to digital needs assessment.

The base:
Intelligent categorization of sales data with over 96% hit accuracy
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We enable true digital customer experiences and streamline processes through services from our advanced data science platform.

Selected Use-Cases:

Credit Recognition

Detailed information about remaining loans enables our clients to offer tailor-made loan refinancing solutions.

We recognize the loan volume and the repayment amount including the effective annual interest rate. In addition to existing loan agreements, our API provides disposable income and a cash flow forecast.

Private health insurance

By providing information as to whether the threshold value of private health insurance has been reached, our client can specifically point out the change to private health insurance.

We automatically recognize when the income threshold is reached on the basis of salary increases or a change of profession.

Salary increase

Our client automatically recognizes the necessity of adjusting the occupational disability insurance and term life insurance and offers additional investment products due to the higher savings rate.

Monthly new and historical disposable income is transmitted along with income forecasts and savings rates.

Insurance gaps

Our client identifies insurance gaps including cross-selling potential and can offer customized insurance protection on this basis.

Presentation of the digital budget book including all insurance contracts and needs assessment.

Human Powered Financial AI

We believe that the best results can only be achieved through real machine learning: As a leader in innovation, we rely on neural networks, carefully trained by subject matter experts using deep learning. We call this "Human Powered Financial AI".

Only on the best basis the right conclusions can be drawn:
Independent tests confirm our hit rate of more than 96%.
And we get better every day.

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