1st Year completely Fee-free:
Change your API now!

Banking as a Service for all sizes of business.
Switch now your current API painlessly. Experience the difference of customer proximity and flexibility.

Up to EUR 100,000
Switching premium.*

Yes, we are serious. You do not change an API just like that. This is why we want to make your move to BANKSapi as easy and painless as possible. Just contact us:

* Prerequisite for receiving the switching bonus is the recipient provides proof of a business relationship with an account information and payment initiation service that has been ongoing for at least 12 months. Furthermore, the switching premium is staggered and limited by the maximum amount of the equivalent value of the occurring costs by using of the BANKSapi services in a period of 12 months. BANKSapi Technology GmbH reserves the right to conclude contracts. Furthermore, the offer may be discontinued with immediate effect.

Die „normalen“ Preise.

We offer packages that fit your company right from the start – from start-ups to financial groups. Fairly staggered, individually scalable.


The starter package for Fintechs

  • • Hosting in the noris network cloud
  • • up to 2,500 active users/month
from 38 Cent
per user/month



The cost-effective solution for fast-growing businesses

  • • Hosting in the noris network cloud
  • • up to 10,000 active users/month
from 25 Cent
per user/month



The scalable solution for established financial service providers

  • • Hosting in the noris network cloud
  • • up to 100,000 active users/month
from 17 Cent
per user/month



The individual solution for large companies

  • • Hosting in your own data center according to your wishes
  • • from 100,000 active users/month
To be agreed


Contact us and we will find a solution that suits you.