The best way for customers
to pay is: directly.

Direkt-Überweisung is the unbeatably cost-effective alternative to credit cards etc. Customers make the payment to your merchant account via online banking. You have virtually no risk of payment default as transferred transfers are irrevocable. In addition, no input and transmission errors thanks to the integrated process. With Direkt-Überweisung, payments from over 100 million accounts are possible in Germany alone.

It's that simple:

Fast & easy integration

You integrate our API/interface into your web shop. To pay, you direct your customer to a ready-made direct transfer channel..

Enable direct transfer

Your customer selects their bank there and enters their usual online banking access data. The payment details are already preset and the customer only has to approve the transfer.

Receive money securely

And the money is on its way to you!

Your advantages


As executed transfers cannot be revoked or bounced like direct debits, you have virtually no risk of non-payment. When it comes to data security and data protection, you can be completely relaxed, as Direkt-Überweisung is backed by BANKSapi, a regulated payment institution that is subject to strict regulatory requirements.


The transaction costs are significantly lower than with other payment methods. As there are no additional intermediaries and the transfers are carried out via existing infrastructures and procedures, you have a significant cost advantage. Contact us for your individual offer!


After successful payment, you will receive your money directly into your account shortly. No long waits, no detours - as the payment is made directly from account to account. Good for your liquidity. Good for your customers, as the payment process only requires a few details and only takes a few seconds. The goods or services can be delivered or provided more quickly.


Your customers do not have to enter long card numbers and no additional registration is required. Your customer simply uses their online banking access data. As the payment details are already pre-assigned, your customer does not have to enter them, and you no longer have any transmission errors. This reduces the risk of abandoned purchases or abandoned shopping baskets.

Data protection and
data security

The protection of your data and customer data is important to us. We have established effective protective measures and process data exclusively in Germany in accordance with the strict GDPR standards. As a BaFin-licensed and regulated payment institution, we are also subject to strict security rules. Merchants or other third parties are never given access to customers' online banking access data or insight into the account.

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