Do you know
the financial DNA
of your customers?

We open that treasure chest.

Finances from a single source

We redefine banking performance and form the digital link between bank and insurance company. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, BANKSapi analyses the account movements of its customers, compiles the financial DNA and increases the relevancy to everyday life.

Smart Plug-and-Play Banking
or Redesign Financial Services?

Our technology enables extraordinary user experience. Simply integrated by drag and drop, cost-effective in operation and powered by DATEV.

1.1 million accounts,
19 years of experience in our business group

Data-as-a-Service requires trust. For over 19 years, the know-how in our business group has been based on the handling of accounts and securities accounts. You benefit from this Big Data competence through the use of our APIs.

19 years of
experience in our group
Securities account data


Whether Fintech, insurer or bank -
our models offer attractive pricing for every size class.

Professional package
up to 100,000 users, from

17 cents

per user
and month.

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